Nature bestows everything and claims nothing. This selflessness
should be treated with respect and gratitude.

100 per cent Climate-neutral Print Products

We foster a cooperative partnership with myclimate. All of the products that leave our premises are 100 per cent climate-neutral. We hand this added value on to our customers at no extra cost. Our CO2-offset contributions go to benefit an intentionally chosen myclimate project for the ecological extraction of drinking water in Uganda. It enables access to clean water via the use of modern and efficient technologies. Simultaneously it contributes to improving living standards and health in this landlocked East African country.

FSC® Certification (FSC-C122461)

The FSC® label – launched and continually enhanced by the international non-profit Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) – guarantees sustainable forest management. With us you have the assuance that the paper raw material is sourced from sustainable forestry, that care is taken to respect the environment and that any environmental impact is substantially offset.

Natural Coloured Inks in Offset

We exclusively employ offset printing inks based on renewable raw materials that are colour-intensive and rub-resistant. These naturally still provide all the advantages of conventional inks, for instance in terms of short drying times, gloss effects and the possibility to use a wide selection of substrates.

In-house Paper Store

Our paper management system blazes its own trail, or to be precise the shortest possible one. We stock numerous paper types in large quantities in our own storehouse. The advantage? Our paper deliveries are less frequent and more short-distance, whereby road traffic is lightened and fuel is saved. This additionally allows us to profit from bulk discounts, meaning we can offer the paper to our customers at more affordable rates.

Each tree, each leaf of paper is a unique work of wonder.
Nature is the paradigm for our creative energy,
and one that we take lasting care of.

Each tree, each leaf of paper is a unique work of wonder.
Nature is the paradigm for our creative energy,
and one that we take lasting care of.

Green Energy

We draw 100 per cent-certified, nationally produced electricity from the hydropower of our local energy supplier WWZ AG, who provides us with electricity from the Lorze, the local river that flows right past our buildings.

Geothermal Energy and Waste Heat Utilisation

Our production premises are climate-neutrally heated using geothermal energy. Moreover, the waste heat from our printing machines is also used to warm our printing hall. To this end a thermostat automatically reduces the output of the heat pump when needed, meaning that heating energy and resources are conserved.

Conventional Offset Printing

Instead of UV technology we rely on conventional offset printing. Working with conventional prinking inks dispenses with the need for protective gloves, safety goggles and specialised ventilation systems to safeguard the health of the staff. Additionally, the discarded waste can be fully recycled and doesn’t have to be disposed of as hazardous waste.

Short Links

As a printing company deeply anchored in the region, we mainly employ co-workers who live locally. Most of them make their way to work by bike or with public transport. Our delivery routes are short and efficient. The same applies to the majority of our raw materials, such as the paper and the inks that we source from regional suppliers.

Our commitment to clean drinking water in Uganda.


Our ecological efforts are certified. The various certifications can be gladly checked with us at any time.