We are Heller Druck

Warm-hearted and attentive.

Applying an in-depth understanding, we advise and support design creators right up to the completion of the final product, actively dedicating ourselves to contributing to the brainstorming, the processes and the completion of each and every project in all the disciplines of the art of printing. With excellent expertise and a maximum degree of commitment. With realisations that always focus assiduously on individual solutions and the best-possible quality for our customers.

Evelyn Buchmann
Customer Services

Gregor Feuz
CTP Operator / Print Prepress

Reto Egloff
General Manager

Othmar Arnold
Book Printing

Artim Reci
Production Management

Arun Yogendra

Nino Izzi

Roland Häusler
Web Development

Vroni Müller
Prepress / Project Management

Vera Grönegress
Creative Supervisor

Nantheeswaran Poovilingam

Claudio Töngi
Offset Printing / Digital Printing

Roger Wicki
Digital Printing / Print Prepress

Ana Heller
Prepress / Project Management

Ralph Wohnlich

Livia Mattmann
Prepress / Project Management

Ronald Bauhofer
Offset Printing

Anita Brändli
Account Management

Murugan Arunthavarajah

Karin Nussbaumer
Account Management

Markus Erni
Logistics / Transport

Ahmad Morid Foormuli

Miriam Iten
Accounting / Administration

Marvin Halsinger
Trainee Printing Technician

Alessandro Albione
Trainee Binder

Gillian Wipf
Trainee Print Prepress

Marijan Radat
Trainee Printing Technician